Saturday, 6 September 2014


There were messages doing the rounds to the effect that Members of the 7th CPC are visiting Ladakh not for the purposes of analysing the conditions under which our men and women in uniform are deployed, but to enjoy a picnic at Pangong Tso lake at tax payers’ expense.

These messages are patently incorrect, malicious and unfortunate. Members of Pay Commission would, in fact, be visiting Siachen, Kargil, Mushkoh Valley, Chushul and Leh.

Similar whispers are at times heard about officers in the military hierarchy manning key positions related to pay, personnel and pensionary issues, including the pay commission cells of the three services. That too is demoralising.

Such rumours not only spread discontentment but also antagonize people who are working day and night for the betterment of serving personnel and veterans. Though change is the only constant and there is requirement of transformation of attitude at various ends, it can be said with great responsibility that the current military leadership and key appointments are extremely sensitised and sensitive towards the needs, requirements and aspirations of the military community and there is a consequent responsibility imposed on all of us to lend support to move towards the ultimate aim of betterment rather than creating an environment of negativity, that too based on a foundation of gossip.

Here is the official statement released by the Army on the subject of the visit of Members of 7th CPC to Ladakh:

We have noticed a number of malicious and ill informed comments being circulated on Social Media with regard to the visit of Justice Mathur, Chairman, 7th Central Pay Commission and other members of the Commission to Ladakh.

The Army wishes to clarify that Justice Mathur, Chairman, 7th Central Pay Commission and other members of the Commission are taking out very valuable time from their busy schedule to visit forward areas where our soldiers are serving in extremely difficult terrain, at our request.

Justice Mathur and members of the Commission would be visiting the Northern Glacier (Siachen), Kargil, Mushkoh Valley, Chushul apart from Leh, where they would be staying with various Army Detachments.

We are grateful to the 7 Pay Commission Team for personally experiencing the difficulties being faced by Army deployed in Ladakh.

On a lighter note though, I do feel we should not be so servile so as to thank Members of the Commission for “taking out very valuable time from their busy schedule”, since that my friends is their duty for what they are paid for and appointed, and not a favour extended to the society at large.

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