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    Monday, 29 June 2015


    As anticipated by the government, early this week retired personnel from Central Armed Police forces (CAPF) and Central Para Military Forces (CPMF) raised the demand for One Rank One Pension (OROP) in line with the plans for Ex-servicemen.

    Members of the National Coordination Committee of ex-CPMF Personnel Welfare Associations said they had “no objection to Ex-servicemen getting OROP,” but stressed that “they were equally eligible for it”.

    To prevent legal challenges in future, the Defence Ministry has stated that OROP would be made exclusive for Service personnel by classifying it as “military pension.”

    Experts said this could be accomplished through a government order as it was an executive decision and a Bill was not required. The essential criterion is to clearly define it as different from civilian pension, they said.

    “In a court of law what stands apart is the distinction. Is it a different class from the civilian pension or not? That is what the court looks at,” said a retired government official.

    Another official observed, “It is matter of right for anyone to demand such benefits. But it’s for the government to decide who to give it to and make provisions accordingly.”


    However, Ex-servicemen are apprehensive that the government might use this as a pretext to dilute the definition of OROP.

    Speaking at an event recently, Minister of State for External Affairs General V.K. Singh assured that OROP would be implemented “exactly as wanted by retired Army men.”

    Source:- The Hindu

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