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    Wednesday, 1 July 2015



    Circular No.12/VI/2015
    June 24, 2015




    As decided by the AIBOA Secretariat in the meeting held at Mumbai on 25.05.2015, the 4th Central Committee meeting was held at Mumbai on 20th and 21st June 2015.

    2. The meeting were conducted by the Joint Presidium of Com.Alok Khare Vice Chairman and Com.S.S.Shishodia, President of our organisation.

    3. The Office Bearers meeting was held prior to Central Committee to report about the role of our organisation in clinching 7th Joint Note on officer wage revision to arrive at a proper plan of action in the matter of holding the overdue State Committee conferences
    and expeditious steps to complete the process of unification of officers in Punjab and Sind Bank under one banner.

    4. The Central Committee commenced its proceedings at 5th floor, Kamanwala Chamber, Sir P.M.Road, Mumbai at 15.45 hrs. After the Welcome address byCom.Rajan Chandorkar, Chairman, Maharashtra State Committee of AIBOA, followed by Com.Narendra Kotiawala, Joint Secretary, AIBOA and in charge of Maharashtra State of AIBOA, flower bouquets were presented to Principal Office Bearers and Roses to participants. 

    5. Com.Vishwas Utagi, General Secretary, MSBEF true to the avowed objective to make “working together works” in response to necessities of the time, a best model State Unit of AIBEA and also AIBOA, in his short, sharp and pointed presentation unfolded the stark realities. viz., facing the uncertainties in our Industry, need to move closer to combat the attacks of the owners in the background of implementing the proposals of “Gyan Sangam” meet, role of the twin organisations in achieving the wage revision for the workforce in the Banking Industry, demanding actions against the large borrowers who failed to clear the Bank loans etc. He appealed to the members of the Central Committee to be prepared in readiness to face challenges of the times in unison and halt the moves of present Government.

    6. The CC commenced its proceedings after paying rich tributes to the departed leaders, personalities in all walks of life by observing two minutes silence. The proceedings of the 3rd Central Committee held at Kolkata in September 2014 were placed by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Dy.Gen.Secretary for the information and adoption by the house. The proceedings were confirmed and adopted unanimously.

    7. As the developments between the last CC held at Kolkata and till Mumbai, particularly centering round the current wage revision, the General Secretary presented the events in a chronological order to CC members, Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman supplemented further details to the house, the collective efforts made by team to realise the 7th Joint Note. Thirteen CC members participated in the discussion. While folding up the “wage revision topic”, the detailed clarifications were given. Certain issues, which are all requiring clarifications and resolution, it was decided to take up the same with IBA. The CC unanimously resolved to hail the settlement and the significant role played by our organisation in partial realisation of the demand of “5 days week”, uniform minimum increase of “2% + 7.75%” throughout the scale [ie] Scale I to Scale VII, introduction of insurance backed hospitalisation scheme by adopting the same in the Industry excepting in the SBI.

    8. LEVY – After a detailed clarification for a query raised by the participants, it was unanimously decided to collect the contribution from the members @ 4% of arrears payable on NET amount ie; [Gross –PF –Taxes] to be shared @ 1% equally by base unit/All India Federation/AIBOA State Committees/AIBOA Central Office.

    9. Formation of Private Sector Bank Forum – This CC had the opportunity of 4 Private Sector Bank representatives participating in our deliberations. As decided in our 3rd CC meeting at Kolkata, in terms of discussion held amongst them, the Private Sector Forum under our banner will be formed at Bengaluru and dates will be mutually decided amongst the representatives shortly.

    10. The second day session commenced at 09.30 am. An exclusive audience of Office Bearers was provided to the Presidents and General Secretaries of both the Federations of Punjab and Sind Bank Officers to work out the “ways” and “means” of the process of unification of the membership in Punjab and Sind Bank. After hearing the representatives it was unanimously felt that the affairs of the unification exercise should be handled by AIBOA in a time bound manner.

    11. The CC recommenced at 11.30 am on the second day. On utilisation of RJS Bhavan it was reiterated that each affiliated unit should necessarily utilise the Institute for the purpose of conducting their CC meeting, once in 18 months, Defence Training and also for organisational meetings to keep the expenditure vis-a-vis the earnings at breakeven point.

    12. Two Roses – Units are appealed to enhance the number of subscribers from the present level 6600 to 10000 and there is an urgent need to take this organisational task as a prioritised one, as the Magazine has got wide appreciation in midst of the readers at large, though the cost of operations is substantially high.

    13. Adoption of Accounts – Com.G.Gunasekaran, Treasurer presented the audited accounts for the year ending 31.12.2014. After certain clarification on the “Two Roses” break up details submitted to the committee, as requested in the Kolkata central committee, and also on the donations made by AIBOA the accounts was adopted unanimously.

    14. On conclusion of the agenda listed in the notice, participants in CC were advised to present their view points. Twenty six comrades participated in the discussion, providing the sufficient time to express their view points. This Central Committee was participated by representatives of Nineteen State Committees and eighteen affiliates. President and General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Bank Officers’ Association participated after an interval.

    A pointed and precise reply was presented to the CC.

    The decisions of the Central Committee are:

    [a] [a] The CC unanimously hailed the role of AIBOA in its journey to realise the wage revision for the entire community with the adverse environment prevailing in the Industry. The CC placed on record the sheet anchor role play by Com.D.Raja, M.P. in realising the demand of the Bankmen as a whole.

    [b] [b] AIBOA men and women will participate in the National Strike on 02.09.2015, thereby identifying with the common men struggles of our Nation.

    [c] [c] On the Strike call by AIBEA on 24.06.2015, in support of SSBEA demands, AIBOA will extend moral support and will not do any clerical work on the strike day [ AIBEA has however subsequently postponed the strike call ].

    [d] [d] On attack on Officers’ community in Bank of Maharashtra, the CC decided to take up with all concerned authorities and more particularly to communicate to SLBC leader [ie] Chairman, Bank of Maharashtra to halt the attack on the officers in the Industry.

    [e] [e] The recent termination of the leader in Dhanalakshmi Bank on a purported plea of “loss of confidence” is a new twist by the management, requires unequivocal condemnation, as the principles of natural justice has been thrown to winds. CC decided that “Dhanalakshmi Bank” should be taken over by a Public Sector Bank instead of by a new generation of Private Sector Banks.

    [f] [f] The overdue State Committee conferences of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Odissa should be held on or before 31.07.2015 failing which the State Committees will stand automatically dissolved with effect from 01.08.2015 and the affairs of the State Committee will be taken up for appropriate action for revitalisation of the same by AIBOA. The post held by the Punjab and Sind Bank in the State Committees will be kept vacant.

    [g] [g] The contribution / levy to be collected from the arrears payable to officers @ 4% from the net arrears to be shared in the ratio of 1:1:1:1 [ie] base/All India Federation/State Committee of AIBOA/AIBOA.

    [h] [h] The Private Sector Forum for officers under our banner will be established / formed at the earliest and not later than 30.09.2015. The responsibility to conduct the first meeting has been undertaken by All India ING Vysya Bank Officers’ Federation.

    [i] [i] The unification exercise has been put in place of the both Federations operating in Punjab and Sind Bank and the process will be completed within three months by the Central office of AIBOA.

    [j] [j] An affiliate of us “ADB Officers’ Union” for which ratification of the same is yet to be sought, from the CC. Before the same, the Bank is facing a merger with the parent organisation. The staff are facing the retrenchment with effect from 01.07.2015.


    True to the conviction and determination to keep the flag of AIBOA to fly aloft, Rs.4 lacs contribution towards “Tarak Institute” in February 2006, Rs.1 lac contribution to the installation of the bust size of the statue of Com.RJS in 2015, the effortless manner the “Team AIBOA Maharashtra” carried the tasks of handling the affairs swiftly and also with precision with least strain on the individuals deserve to be recorded in glittering letters in the onward march of the movement of AIBOA.

    The team work is unique and worth remembering.

    Conclusion - Comrade, Alok Khare, Vice Chairman in his precise concluding remarks made fine expressions of our performance and also the tasks to be undertaken by us with urgency. He complimented the role of Team Maharashtra for a wonderful execution of the assignment in a short time.

    Onward march to 2nd September 2015, National Strike.

    Yours comradely,


    Source:- AIBOA

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