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    Friday, 16 October 2015


    Minutes of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Shri Saniav Kothari, Secretary, DOP&T on 13/10/2015 to consider the cases of inter cadre deputation/ inter cadre transfer requiring relaxation of provision(s) of the guidelines

    A meeting was held on 13/10/2015 under the Chairmanship of Secretary(P) to consider the cases of inter cadre deputation/ inter cadre transfer requiring relaxation of provision(s) of the guidelines. The members of the committee EO & AS and AS(S&V) were also present.

    The Committee took note of the Action Taken Report on the minutes of the previous meeting held on 06/10/2015.

    The Committee thereafter took the proposals and after detailed deliberations and careful consideration in each case, took following decisions in the meeting:-

    Case I: Proposal of change of cadre in respect of Shri Shiraz Daneshyar, IAS (WB:14) on the basis of OM dated 14/02/2014 regarding cadre change of IAS appointed against vacancies reserved for PH category.

    The Committee was informed that a meeting was convened on 06/10/2015 in the Chamber of AS(S&V) wherein it was unanimously decided that the subject matter was entirely administrative. Accordingly, the Committee examined the request of the officer who belongs to PH category (with 40% visual disability). After deliberations, the Committee directed to get the claim of the officer verified.

    Case 2: Cadre Change of Ms K Radhika Aiyar, IAS(WB:11) from West Bengal cadre, on the basis of PH(Physically Handicapped) policy dated 14.02.2014.

    The Committee was informed that two states geographically contiguous to home state of the officer viz Delhi are Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. However, the priorities given by the officer are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. The comments of the State Government of Haryana and UP were sought. The State Government of Haryana has declined 'no objection' to the officer and the reply from State Government of UP is awaited.

    The Committee directed to pursue the proposal with the State Government of Uttar Pradesh.

    CASE 3: Extension of Inter cadre deputation of Shri Shyam Jagannathan, IAS (AM:97) from Assam Meghalaya cadre to Kerala cadre.

    The Committee was informed that the case of the officer for extension of his deputation has not been consented to by his parent cadre i.e. Assam — Meghalaya. The officer has handed over his charge of office in the Government of Kerala w.e.f. 09 th October 2015 (A/N). The oficer has gone to CAT, Ernakulam. The directions of the CAT has been received. 

    The Committee directed to dispose off the directions of CAT within the time limit.

    Table Agenda

    Case 4: Inter cadre transfer of Ms Deepti Uppal, IAS(JK:2011) from Jammu & Kashmir cadre to Punjab Cadre on the grounds of marriage with Shri Vikram Singh Kundra, IFS(PB:2012).

    The Committee was informed that the home state of Ms Deepti Uppal, IAS (JK:2011) is Haryana. The State Governments of J&K and Punjab have conveyed their no objection to the proposed cadre change of the officer.

    The Committee directed that the proposal may be put up for the approval of Competent authority.

    Meeting ended with thanks to the chair

    Source:- persmin.nic.in

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