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    Saturday, 13 February 2016


    Cadre restructuring in Group 'C' Cadres - Cashiers (Supervisory)

    National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
    Affiliated To:

    Indian National Trade Union congress (INTUC)
    International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)

    No. I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 10
    Dated: 11/02/2016
    The Secretary (E),
    Railway Board,
    New Delhi

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Cadre restructuring in Group 'C' Cadres - Cashiers (Supervisory)-reg.

    Ref: (i) NFIR's letter No. I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 9 dated 01/08/2014,No. I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 10 dated 16/10/2014, letter No. I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 10 dated 15/12/2014, 02/07/2015 & 06/07/2015.
    (ii) Railway Board's letter No. PC-III/2014/Misc/1 dated 20/11/2014, 12/06/2015 & 13/07/2015.
    (ii) NFIR's letter No.I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 10 dated 28/09/2015.
    (iv) Item No. 29 of NFIR's PNM agenda sent to Railway Board on 10/02/2015.
    (v) NFIR's letter No. I/8/CRC/09/Vol. 10 dated 05/01/2016 addressed to Railway Board.

    NFIR invites the attention of Railway Board to the correspondence cited under reference. The Federation through its PNM agenda Item No. 29 (sent to the Railway Board on 10/12/2015), had suggested implementation of merger of the posts of Head Cashier (GP 4200/-) and Assistant Divisional Cashier (GP 4200/-) from back date similar to the decision already taken in the past by the Board vide letter No. E(NG)I-2004/PM9/2 dated 27/07/2007 so as to grant the benefit of cadre restructuring effective from 01/11/2013 to Cashiers (Supervisory).

    Federation has come to know that the case file on the subject matter based on NFIR's proposal has been forwarded to the Establishment Directorate of the Board for examination.

    In this connection, NFIR desires to mention that the benefit of cadre restructuring has not been extended to this category of staff since the year 1983, therefore, there is strong case for granting merger as suggested by the NFIR on the pattern done in the past vide Board's letter dated 27/07/2007.

    NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue suitable instructions based on the points mentioned above to all zones more particularly the Western Railway so that the Cashiers (Supervisory) - Receipt Side may get the benefit of cadre restructuring w.e.f. 01/11/2013.

    A copy of the instructions issued may be endorsed to the Federation.
    Yours faithfully

        (Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
    General Secretary
    Source:- NFIR

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