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    Sunday, 21 February 2016


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    CIRCULAR NO.27/148/2016/6


    Dear Comrades,

    - Morcha to Parliament on 14th March, 2016
    -Countdown begins

    We are sure that all our units are getting prepared for the massive participation in our Parliament Morcha on 14.3.2016. it is just one month away and all our attention and concentration should be to make it a massive success. From many of the States, the response is encouraging, indicating huge participation in the programme.

    1. Arrival – Departure Details:

    Our State Federations should inform us and DSBEF about the arrival – departure details of their delegation/participants.

    2. Accommodation:

    Accommodation is being arranged for the requirements already intimated to us. Final position of accommodation needed to be done by us should be informed to us within 2/3 days.

    3. Procession Route:

    It is under process with the police authorities and will be informed to all units in due course.

    4. Time:

    The Morcha will start at 10.00 A.M. and culminate in Parliament Street in the Public Rally which will be addressed by various leaders. Hence all participants should reach the venue before 9-30 am.

    5. Banners:

    All State Federations should bring their banner to be carried by them in front of their contingent.

    6. Flags / Placards:

    This would be got ready by Delhi Federation in sufficient number and supplied to all units before the start of the Morcha.

    7. Slogans:

    State Federations should prepare the slogans to be raised by the participants in English and Local language and copies of the same are to be provided to the participants by the respective State Federations at the beginning of the Morcha. 

    8. Neighbouring States / Nearby Towns:

    From the neighbouring States/Towns, participants will be reaching on 14th Morning directly to the morcha venue. Care should be taken by the concerned State Federations that their buses / vehicles reach in time.

    9. Participation from our units in Delhi:

    Our units in Delhi should make special preparations to ensure large participation of our members in the Morcha. DSBEF to take it up as a special task.

    10. Arrangement for procession:

    The Morcha / Procession will be led by our Office Bearers and other invited leaders. This will be followed by a special contingent of lady comrades with AIBEA Flags. Thereafter, all our State Federations will march in alphabetical order.

    11. Signature campaign in Petition:

    All the petition sheets with signatures collected so far should be sent by courier to Delhi Federation immediately. Remaining petitions to be collected upto first week of March, 2016 should be sent in second lot to DSBEF. Some of the States have not completed this task so far and hence they should attend to this important task on priority basis.

    12. Invitees for Public Rally:

    We are inviting UFBU leaders, Central Trade Union leaders and important political personalities and Members of Parliament, etc. to address our Public Rally on 14th afternoon after our Morcha reaches Parliament Street. If our State Federations can contact any of the MPs from their area and who will support our demands, they may be invited on our behalf under information to us.

    Comrades, all of us are witness to the developments that are taking place in our banking sector in the last few weeks. The situation is worrisome and the attacks are getting aggravated. Hence our campaign and struggles are imperative. Our Parliament Morcha will be a launching pad for further struggles and direct actions in the coming period.

    Hence we appeal to all our State Federations and units to move accordingly and make the morcha resounding success.

    Delhi chalo, onward to Morcha,

    With greetings,

    Yours friendly,

    Source:- AIBEA

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