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    Friday, 4 March 2016


    Claims regarding payment of Travelling Allowance to the Staff promoted under cadre restructuring w.e.f. 01/11/2013

    National Fgderation of Indian Railwaymen
    Affiliated to :

    Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
    International Transport Workers' Federation (lTF)

    No. I/5(F)
    Date : 01/03/2016

    The Secretary (E),
    Railway Board,
    New Delhi

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Claims regarding payment of Travelling Allowance to the Staff promoted under cadre restructuring w.e.f. 01/11/2013- case of North Western Railway-reg.

    Ref: GM(P)/N.W. Rly’s letter No. 600E/Bil1s/HQ/NWREU/7/2015 dated 25/01/2016.

    Federation desires to invite attention of Railway Board to the instructions contained in Board’s letter dated 08/10/2013, granting up-gradation under cadre restructuring to Group ‘C’ cadres in various departments. The Railway Board is also aware that the restructuring orders though given effect from 01/11/2013, the actual implementation was delayed abnormally due to administrative reasons.

    Our affiliate-UPRMS has since ‘reported that although staff promoted as per cadre restructuring orders have been granted the promotion benefit w.e.f. 01/l Il20I3, but however their TA claims at the enhanced rates with effect from 01/11120t3 have not been accepted, consequently, the T.A., arrears not paid yet. In this connection, NFIR reproduces below the. Provisions contained in para 1012 of IREM Vol. I and para 1602 (2) of R-II which provide that there is no objection for passing the supplementary claims relating to Travelling Allowance if any being submitted on the basis of enhanced pay including the increments:-
    “Where a Railway servant is promoted or reverted or is granted an increased rate of pay with retrospective effect, no revision of claims for Travelling Allowance already settled is permissible in respect of the period intervening between the date of promotion. Or grant of increased rate of pay and that on which it notified, unless it is clear that there has been an actual change of duties.
    Note: In the case of late authorization/drawl of increments with retrospective effect, other than where increments were withheld or where the increments take an officer above the stage of efficiency bar, there is no objection to the supplementary claims. Relating to Travelling Allowance, if any being admitted, on the basis of the enhanced pay including the increments.”
    On raising the issue at Zonal level by NFIR’s affiliate-UPRMS in the PNM forum, the N.W. Railway, instead clearing such claims and making payment to the employees, has unnecessarily made a reference to the Railway Board vide GM(P)A{.W.R’s letter No. 600E/Bills/HQAfWREUl7l20I5 dated 2510112016 (copy enclosed), giving misleading picture that there is no change in the duties of staff. In this connection, it is worth-mentioning that the staff promoted to higher Grade Pay/Pay Band against the posts arisen consequent upon up- gradation under cadre restructuring are entitled for higher rate of T.A., as the T.A. rate is linked with the Grade PaylPay Band of the post, therefore, the contention of North Western Railway is incorrect.

    Apart from above, attention of Railway Board is also invited to letter No. F(E)V2008/AL-28/14 dated 0111212008 wherein it has been stipulated that the rates of Daily Allowance payable under Rule 1611 of R-II to the staff shall automatically increase by 25% whenever Dearness Allowance payable on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%. As the decision to revise the Dearness Allowance by the Government vis-d-vis Railway Ministry emerges normally three months after due date, the staff are to be paid T.A. arrears subsequently and accordingly T.A. arrears have been paid in the past.

    “NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue clarificatory instructions to the N.W. Railway to allow claims for payment of difference of TA to the staff promoted under cadre restructuring w.e.f. 01/11/2013. A copy of the instructions issued may be endorsed to the Federation. 

    DA/As above
    Yours faithfully

    (Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
    General Secretary


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