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    Monday, 20 February 2017


    Charter of Demands for 11th BP Settlement submitted to IBA

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    CIRCULAR No. 28/4/2017/4



    Dear Comrades,

    Charter of Demands
    for 11th BP Settlement submitted to IBA

    Our units and members are aware that the period of our current 10th Bipartite Settlement would come to an end by October, 2017 and a revised Settlement (11th Bipartite Settlement) has to be worked out to be effective from November, 2017. In order to negotiate and settle the 11th BPS, we need to submit our Charter of Demands.

    Accordingly, the issue was discussed amongst our five workman Unions viz. AIBEA, NCBE, BEFI, INBEF, and NOBW and a broad summary of the Charter of Demands has been finalised.

    Shortly, our 5 unions will meet and a full-fledged Charter of Demands containing the details of each of the demand would be finalized.

    In the meantime, we have submitted the Broad Summary of the Demands to the IBA today.

    The demands submitted to the IBA are furnished herein for the information of all our units and members.

    With greetings,

    Yours comradely,



    1. Revision and improvement in Pay Scales by merger of Dearness Allowance upto October, 2017 and with additional loading thereon.

    2. Merging Special Allowance with Basic pay.

    3. Improvements in Special Pay, PQP, FPP and Stagnation Increment

    4. Revised DA formula and improvement in compensation against price rise.

    5. Provision of housing accommodation/quarters for all clerical and substaff and payment of HRA on the lines of officers.

    6. Introduction of Education Allowance

    7. Substantial increase in Transport Allowance /reimbursement of petrol cost

    8. Improvements in leave benefits and LFC entitlement; Introduction of Leave Bank system.

    9. Increase in Annual Medical Aid and review for improvements in medical insurance scheme Unilateral changes in the scheme to be withdrawn. The rate of medical Insurance after retirement to be discussed with the unions before renewal.

    10. Bonus for all employees without any ceiling

    11. Removal of ceiling on Gratuity under the Gratuity Act.

    12. Total exemption from Income tax on entire retirement benefits including Leave Encashment.

    13. DA linked defined and assured pension scheme in lieu of NPS

    14. Introduction of 5 Day banking service in the remaining weeks of the month apart from 2nd. And 4th. Week.

    15. Improvement in Special Area Allowance and special compensatory provisions for North East, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir

    16. Regular banking jobs and services not to be outsourced and all existing contract employees to be regularized and absorbed

    17. Adequate recruitment of clerical and substaff in all Banks

    18. Implementation of Supreme Court order on equal wage for equal work for existing temporary and contract employees till the vacancies are filled up by regular employees.

    19. Proper implementation of compassionate ground appointment scheme. The clause of 5% quota in respect of total recruitment to be deleted.

    20. All part time employees to be converted as full time employees

    21. Improvement in Other Allowances and other service conditions like Diem Allowance/Halting allowance, hotel rent reimbursement, Project Area Allowance, etc.

    22. Deletion of Para 522(1) of Sastry Award

    23. Disciplinary Action Settlement – review of certain provisions like Clause 5 (j) which are being misused.

    24. Better compensation on transfer of employees on deployment policy

    25. Restoration of BSRB

    26. Intra-cadre career progression scheme for Award staff.

    27. Improvement in pension scheme on the lines of Government scheme on rate of pension, periodical updation, family pension, same DA for pre 2002 Nov. retirees, etc.

    28. Revision in Ex Gratia Pension for pre-1986 non SBI retirees.

    29. Follow up of the issues covered by Record Note dated 25-5-2015

    30. Extension of medical scheme and LFC to retirees as in the case of in service employees

    31. Uniform guidelines on quantum and rate of interest on staff loans

    32. Improved housing loan to staff at nominal interest

    33. Allocation of fund Staff Welfare Schemes based on operating profits and setting apart a portion of it for schemes for retirees

    34. Improvement in guidelines in relation to physically challenged/ differently abled employees

    35. Special provisions for women employees on the lines of 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

    36. Uniform guidelines on fitment for Ex-servicemen joining the Banks.

    37. Improvement in remuneration of Daily Deposit Collectors

    38. Parity in wages and service conditions for RRB employees.

    39. Internal and external relativity to be maintained.

    40. Settlement to be effective from 1-11-2017 for next three years.

    Source:-Charter of Demands- AIBEA

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