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    Saturday, 13 May 2017


    Dearness Relief to CPF Beneficiaries- effective from 01st July, 2016 and 01st Jan, 2017

    F. No. 42/15/2016-P&PW(G)
    Government of India
    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
    Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare 

    3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
    Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003
    Date- 12th May, 2017 


    Subject:- Grant of Dearness Relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment-revised rated effect from 01.07.2016 and 01.01.2017-reg 

    In continuation of this Department's OM No. 42/06/2016-P&PW(G) dated 03.05.2016 and OMs of even no. dated 16.11.2016 and 07.04.2017, the President is pleased to decide that the Dearness Relief @ 5th CPC w,e.f 01.07.2016 and 01.01.2017 to the following :- 

    (i) The surviving CPF beneficiaries who have retired from service between the period 18.11.1960 and 31.12.1985, and are in receipt of ex-gratia @ Rs. 600/ p.m. w.e.f 1.11.1997 under this Department's OM No. 45152/97-P&PW(E) dated 16.12.1997 & revised to Rs.3000, Rs.1000, Rs.750 & Rs.650 for Group A, B, C & D respectively w.e.f 4th June,2013 vide OM No. 1/10/2012-P&PW(E) dtd. 27th June, 2013 are entitled to Dearness Relief at the following rates :- 

    Date                   Rate of Dearness Relief per month

    01.07.2016                               256%

    01.01.2017                               264%

    (ii) Further, the following categories of CPF beneficiaries who are in receipt of ex-gratia payment in terms of this Department's OM No. 45/52/97-P&PW(E) dated 16.12.1997 are entitled to DR at the following rates:- 

    Date                    Rate of Dearness Relief per month

    01.07.2016                               248%

    01.01.2017                               256%

    (a) The widows and eligible children of the deceased CPF beneficiary who had retired from service prior to 1.1.1986 or who had died while in service prior to 1.1.1986 and are in receipt of Ex-gratia payment of Rs. 605/- p.m. & revised to Rs.645/-p.m w,e.f 04 June ,2013 vide OM No 1/1012012-P&PW(E) dated 27th June,2013. 

    (b) Central Government employees who had retired on CPF benefits before 18.11.1960 and are in receipt of Ex-gratia payment of Rs. 6541-, Rs.659/-, Rs.703/- and Rs.965/- 

    3. Payment of DR involving a fraction of a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee. 

    4. It will be the responsibility of the pension disbursing authorities, including the nationalized banks, etc. to calculate the quantum of DR payable in each individual case. 

    5. In their application to the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, these orders issue after consultation with the C&AG.

    6. This issues in pursuance of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their OM No. 1/3/2008-E.II(B) dated 7th April, 2017.

    7. Hindi version will follow.
    (Charanjit Taneja)
    Under Secretary to the Government of India

    Source:-Pensioners Portal

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