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    Wednesday, 28 June 2017


    Fixed Medical Allowance and Constant Attendance Allowance revised from 01.07.2017: Cabinet Approves

    Cabinet approves the Recommendations of 7 CPC on Allowances with 34 modifications; Rev sed rates effective from 01.07.2017

    Benefits to Pensioners on Cabinet approval of allowances under 7th CPC Recommnedations

    Allowances to Pensioners 

    Fixed Medical Allowance for Pensioners increased from Rs.500 pm to Rs.1000 pm

    Constant Attendance Allowance on 100% disablement increased from Rs.4500 pm to Rs. 6750 pm

    As per Seventh Pay Commission Report submitted by Mr. Justice Mathur committee has not recommended for further increase in Fixed Medical Allowance.

    Fixed Medical Allowance

    8.17.51 It is granted to pensioners for meeting expenditure on day to day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization, presently payable at the rate of ₹500 pm. Demands have been received to increase the rate of this allowance to ₹2,000 pm.

    Analysis and Recommendations

    8.17.52 The Commission notes that this allowance was enhanced from ₹300 pm to ₹500 pm from 19.11.2014. As such, further enhancement of this allowance is not recommended. Detailed recommendations regarding health care of pensioners have been made in Chapter 9.5 of the Report.

    Constant Attendance Allowance

    8.17.28 This allowance is sanctioned for 100 percent disablement, if in the opinion of competent medical authority, the retired employee needs the services of a Constant Attendant for at least a period of 3 months. This is subject to acceptance by the pension sanctioning authority and to the condition that the pensioner actually employs a paid attendant to look after him. The present rate of this allowance is ₹4,500 pm. No demands have been received regarding this allowance.

    Analysis and Recommendations

    8.17.29 The allowance may be increased by a factor of 1.5, i.e., to ₹6,750 per month. The allowance shall further increase by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.

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