Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Air Travel to Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) under Defence Forces

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) are now entitled to travel by air as per Gazette Notification issued by Government on 7th CPC Allowances Dt. 06th July, 2017

These three ranks of JCOs are under Level 6 to 8 of Pay Matrix — Naib Subedar, Subedar and Subedar Major — in the Army, and their equivalents in the Navy and Air Force. Now, Level 5A clubbed with Level 6 for the entitlement of Air Travel.

Level 6 to 8 of Pay Matrix to be entitled for air travel. Level 5A of defence forces to be clubbed with Level 6 for travelling entitlements,” as per modifications on Travelling Allowances accepted by Union Government by issued a gazette notification.

7th CPC Recommendations on Travelling Allowance: The Commission opines that the present provisions are adequate. Hence, status quo is recommended with the present system of differentiation based on Grade Pay duly substituted by the Levels of the Pay Matrix: [ Click to See Kind of Travel Entitlement ]

The Central Government has approved the Travelling Allowances with Modifications under the head of Allowances of 7th CPC will be effective from 01st July, 2017.

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