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    Saturday, 4 July 2015


    (Recognised by C & AG of India vide No. 172/NGE (JCM)/ 14-2003 Dated 15-06-2004)
    Hq. Office: K/42. B. K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh Road, New Delhi- 3

    A.K. Das
    L.S. Sujith Kumar

    No. NAF/2014-16/7CPC/08 
    Dated : 22-06-2015


    The Honourable Chairman,
    Seventh Central Pay Commission,

    Respected Sir,

    Sub: Specific demands of the Audit employees – reg.

    I place on record our sincere gratitude to you for giving audience to the Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations on the 4th of June 2015. I believe
    that the efforts put by us to bring before you the grievances of the Audit & Accounts employees and officers will certainly be honoured. We have tried our best to explain the general issues by producing sufficient evidences.

    I take this opportunity to highlight certain important demands of the Audit employees who are on tour through out the year. Audit department is one of the most economical rather productive departments in the service sector in the country. The expenditure towards audit is only 0.033 per cent of the total of the revenue and expenditure of Union and State Governments. That is the government is incurring only Rs 33 for auditing of one lakh rupees of transactions. The revenue recovery made by the government at the instance of audit exceeds double the total budget of Indian Audit & Accounts Department. The government recovered Rs 5537.04 crore in 2012-13 as a result of audit which was only 2.2 per cent recoveries pointed out during audit (Authority CAG’s Performance Report for the year 2012-13 – copy of relevant pages enclosed). After the recent audit reports on Telecom spectrum, Coal Blocks etc., the above figure towards recovery at the instance of audit has escalated to multiple times. Keeping in view of the huge return to the government through audit, I request the Honourable Chairman to consider the following demands of the Audit employees on merit. I also request you sir, to classify the Audit Department along with the Revenue Earning Departments henceforth.

    Touring Special Pay

    Touring special pay to audit staff was recommended by the CAG of India to the Board of Arbitration during 1999 and the board had awarded the same to the Audit staff but later the Government of India rejected the claim stating that similar demands will arise from other departments also. Government statement does not justify the denial of this genuine demand. Audit staff remain on tour and away from their families throughout the year due to the nature of their work. Recoveries at the instance of audit exceed the expenditure on audit by manifold every year. This clearly shows that the department is a productive department. We request the 7cpc to grant 10 per cent of Band Pay + Grade Pay as Touring Special Pay at par with other allowances viz. Tuition fee, Conveyance allowance etc.

    Risk Allowance

    Audit personnel have to visit remote/in-accessible places as well as naxal/terrorist infested areas and to stay away from HQ’s and family for months together. They have to point out possible fraud/misappropriation/misclassification cases to the authorities who might have committed there.This put them in embarrassing situations which many at times result in adverse situation which audit personnel have to handle judiciously. Situation sometimes creates life threat to self and family members. Instances are there where audit personnel were arrested and harassed on false complaints. Keeping in view the above risks involved with the audit job we request to grant 10 per cent of Band Pay + Grade Pay at par with other allowances viz. Tuition fee, Conveyance allowance etc. as Risk Allowance to touring staff.

    Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

    Accidents have become common in our Country due to the increase in number of both men and machines. Every day we witness loss of valuable life leaving the family of the deceased difficult to earn their daily bread. An accident insurance scheme can bring back such families to normal life to an extent from the sudden and untimely demise of their breadwinner. Under various State Services, Group Personal Accident Insurance Schemes to government employees are in existence. As per such scheme, DDO deducts from the salary bill of the employee, a onetime premium at a fixed amount for a period of one year. In case of death due to accident of the employee or in case of loss of both limbs or sight of both eyes and one limb and sight of one eye or permanent total disablement due to accident, 100 per cent of the sum insured will be payable to the employee/nominee. In case of loss of one limb or sight of one eye due to accident 50 per cent of the insured sum will be paid to the employee. Since, audit employees are very often on tour and vulnerable to accidents, we request introduction of such a Group Accident Insurance Scheme with not less than 20 lakh as insured amount to atleast those offices where employees perform regular tour as part of their duty.

    It is worth to mention here that the Honourable Prime Minister of India has already announced a similar type of insurance to all citizens of India by paying only Rs 12/year with coverage of Rs 2 lakh. We hope the 7CPC will extend the benefit to Audit employees applying with a multiplicative factor of 10 (ie. Rs 12 x 10 = Rs 120 as premium and a coverage of Rs 2,00,000 x 10 = Rs 20,00,000)

    Executive Checkup

    Employees working under the Audit Department are on tour throughout the year. There are incidents of personnel collapsing at the place of duty far away from headquarter/home town. A regular medical check up shall minimize the risk and avoid such situations. Presently, Executive Checkup facility for conducting routine clinical test once in a calendar year is available for employees in Group ‘A’ cadre. We request the 7CPC to extend such facility to atleast those offices where employees perform regular tour as part of their duty.

    Mobile phone Allowance

    Audit personnel are required to be in frequent touch with their headquarters offices and higher officials in connection with their nature of work irrespective of their place of posting even during transit. Since audit personnel are on regular tour they even find it difficult to reach their home every now and then. Maintenance of mobile phone will reduce delay in communication with higher officials. This facility will also help them to maintain a fair relationship with their family and the society. Hence, we request to grant Rs 500 as Mobile Phone Allowance with periodic revision at par with other allowances viz. Tuition fee, Conveyance allowance etc.

    Internet Allowance

    Internet has become a vital resource to almost every people in the world. Knowledge updation is an inevitable part of audit personnel. In the present scenario, Internet provides all sort of information, either technical or rules & regulations, which will help the audit employees in executing their work without any perplexity. Moreover, audit findings have to be transmitted to the higher officials and instructions from them are also to be communicated quickly to their subordinates. Hence, being the Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest, most Omnipresent, and Universal Means of Communication, audit employees must be equipped with Internet facility. It is therefore requested to grant Rs 500 towards Internet Allowance with periodic revision at par with other allowances viz. Tuition fee, Conveyance allowance etc.

    Yours faithfully,

    L.S. Sujith Kumar
    Secretary General
    Source:- http://nauditf.com/

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