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    Wednesday, 12 August 2015



    No. T-25017/0 112014-Trg (ISTM)
    Government of India
    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
    Department of Personnel & Training
    (Training Division)

    Old JNU Campus, Block IV, Fourth Floor,
    New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110067

    Dated: 11th August, 2015

    Subject: Policy for exemption of CSS and CSSS officer from their respective mandatory training programmes.

    The undersigned is directed to enclose herewith Policy for exemption for various mandatory training programmes for the officers CSS ICSSS in respect of Cadre
    Training Plan (CTP) for information.

    2. This issues with the approval ofthe Competent Authority.

    (O.P. Chawla)
    Under Secretary to the Government of India

    Policy for exemption for various mandatory training programmes for the officers of CSSS/CSS in respect of Cadre Training Plans (CTPs)

    All phases of the mandatory cadre. training Programme shall be attended by all officers in the first chance when it falls due. CSS officer/official and CSSS officer/official will be given a maximum of three chances to complete each level of the mandatory Cadre Training Programme available to them.

    2 Postponement of participation from the first chance to second chance and from the second chance to the third chance would be allowed only with the prior approval of DoPT. However, such approval for postponement of participation does not entitle the officer to obtain the respective promotion/grade/increment in relaxation of the Rules. It is reiterated that the officer will be entitled for the respective promotion/grade/increment only after he/she successfully completes the respective
    cadre training programme for CSS/CSSS;

    3 Postponement of participation from the second chance to the third chance would be allowed by DoPT only in the case of rarer and extraordinary circumstances, which are defined as under:

    (a) Officers undergoing study programme (domestic/foreign) by availing 'Study Leave' or 'partial funding' or nominated by DoP&T.
    (b) Medical reasons of self or immediate family members, i.e., the officer himself/herself, his/her parents, spouse, children of the officer and parents-in- law of the Officer.
    (c) Child Care Leave approved by Competent Authority.
    (d) Marriage of self/the children
    (e) Officers on Election Duty.

    4 CSS/CSSS Officer deputed by government of India to a foreign assignment or granted permission to a foreign assignment. The Official may attend the mandatory training on return from Foreign assignment.

    5 Officers of CSS/CSSS cadre who are more than 58 years of age, as on 1st July of the financial year in which the training is actually conducted, would be exempted from mandatory training.

    6 The officers who do not attend the mandatory training programmes even after three nominations by CS Division, shall be debarred for future training programmes under the Cadre Training Plan

    7 Failure to attend any level of the mandatory MCT Programme in the 'three-chance window' provided would mandatorily attract the consequences laid down in the rules and guidelines relating to CSS/CSSS services, with no-exception.

    8 In addition, administrative action may be taken to deny grant of promotion to such debarred officers.

    9 In the case of officers leave the training, in between the programme, other than on medical grounds, the entire cost of training shall be recovered from such officer for non-completion of training.

    10 Authority empowered to permit postponement: The cases relating to postponement will be handled by CS Division of DOPT. The postponement from participation in the first chance may be permitted with the approval of Joint Secretary (CS Division) and postponement from the second chance to the third chance may be permitted with the approval of Secretary (P). No postponement may be permissible beyond 3rd chance.

    11 The officer nominated for training shall be relieved for training by the respective Ministries/Department organizations as it is mandatory, unless exemption is granted as applicable under rules by DoP&T.


    Source:- persmin.nic.in

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