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    Thursday, 17 December 2015


    Office of the principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Central Command) Cariappa Road,
    Cantt., Lucknow, Pin Code – 226 002

    NO.ORs Cell/07/PAO Cir
    Dated: 07.12.2015


    The Officer – Incharge
    All LAOs/RAOs
    Sub: Instruction regarding simplified procedure for claiming children Education Allowance: Revised Procedure: JCOs/OR (the involvement of LAOs in the Revised audit procedure for CEA Claims)

    Ref: This office letter No.even dated 10.06.15 (Copy enclosed).

    Please take the reference of above mentioned letter which has been forwarded to your office alongwith HQrs Office letter No.AT/16/Appex-J/Revised 2011/VI dated 27.05.2015(Copy enclosed), stating that after implementation of HRMS 2.0, audit procedure of payment of CEA will undergo substantial change. These instructions, inter-alia, stipulate involvement of LAOs in carring out audit of CEA claims.

    2. The HRMS 2.0 has since been implemented in PAO (OR) AMC and PAO (OR) 11 GRRC, Lucknow w.e.f. November 2015. It is, therefore, requested the JCOs /ORs of the units whose Pay & allowance are maintained by PAO(AMC), PAO 11 GRRC and also fall under your audit jurisdiction, the CEA claims of JCOs/OR of the those units will be post audited by your office.

    3. Further, a meeting on monthly pay system for pay and Allowances of JCOs/OR and Dolphin security was held on 26th October, 2015 at HQrs Office. It has been decided during the conference that LAOs should also be involved, may be once in a month, to find out the ground reality and to take up the matter with Unit authority to reduce percentage of DOs-II rejection.

    4. It is, therefore, directed by the Competent Authority that LAOs will provide the list of units under their jurisdiction in r/o each of the six PAOs to the respective PAO I/Cs. PAOs will provide a list of rejected DOs II along with reasons of these units to LAOs to take up the matter with Unit authority to check whether action on rejection of DOs II is being taken by unit authorities to reduce percentage of DOs-II rejection. In case of NCC units, if the DOs II of ABF are being published at higher rate vis & vis the stipulated rates, LAOs may also test check the amount from original tickets kept in units.

    It may please be noted for strict compliance. Compliance report may be communicated to this office.
    Asst Controller (OR Cell)

    Source:- http://pcdacc.gov.in/download/circularsnew/cea0001.pdf

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