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    Monday, 14 December 2015



    The 7th Pay Commission Report is talk of the town these days. The State employees as well as retired fraternity is also feeling good and happy about ‘would be enhancement’ of their emoluments. We have forgotten the chain of strikes by the Govt employees in getting the 6th pay commission report implemented in 2009, when these were implemented by the Central Govt in 2006 itself. The State Govt employees have not forgotten the payment of arrears in piece meal, which did not prove of much worth, to the employees. The timely implementations of such ‘Welfare Commissions’ have numerous positive benefits. It speaks of the concern of the Government about the welfare measures of its employees.

    It does not provide opportunity to the employees to observe strikes, paralyze the functioning of the Government. It provides strength and relief to the Government employees from inflations, which is the actual concept of pay commissions. The question arises whether our State Government is serious about this implementation. I doubt, because on one hand even the DA installment due from July 2015 has not been released till date and no committee is in formation to look into the modalities of implementation of 7th Pay Commission. Let us hope and expect that both these issues will be addressed in the forthcoming ‘Cabinet Meeting’, supposed to be held on 18 December, 2015, as these issues are most important.

    A cold wave can well be felt in the circles of State employees regarding implementation of ‘Pay Commission’ reports and release of DA installment by preparing themselves for a result orientated action in near future. It is right time for the ‘Alliance Government’ to exhibit its instinct of welfare towards the Government employees.

    Yours etc…

    Mahadeep Singh Jamwal


    The 7th Pay Commission in its report has focussed the performance of the employees regarding the release of annual increments. The MACP is a good idea but the extreme delay in the promotions has resulted in inertia among employees.

    Had the promotion system been systematic, the employees would work with zest and zeal as encouragement gives boost to their performance.

    Our State is no exception to the rule as the Govt prefers to keep the posts vacant rather than to give promotions to the employees on the due date. The worst case is in the Education Deptt. where the teachers have to shape the destiny of the future, are deprived of their promotions, thus adversely affecting their performance, the great stumbling block in providing quality education to blooming buds and adolescents, the invaluable asset of the nation.

    The following measures shall prove helpful in boosting the morale of teachers, thus fulfilling the expectations of the 7th Pay Commission and bringing about tangible results.
    Firstly, the promotions must be given at regular intervals especially after every nine years as extreme delay kills their will power to perform well in their profession.

    Secondly, when teachers should be promoted as masters and masters in turn as lecturers in +2 pattern schools in various disciplines after proper survey of subjects need and student strength with the lecturer/master ratio of 1:25 in every institution for imparting quality education.

    Thirdly, utmost care should be taken while promoting teachers as masters/lecturers. Those who have already served in far flung areas like Leh, Kargil should be given promotions in their own districts to give boost to quality education. The teacher’s physical and family condition greatly affects his performance level. Lastly, the migrant masters who are to be promoted as lecturers must be promoted in their respective migrant institutions to avoid their further displacements having already served in Leh in their earlier promotions. Such measures shall enhance their performance and fulfil the MACP (Modified Assured Career Progression) as laid down in the 7th Pay Commission.

    Drastic changes can not be expected overnight and employee friend measures can yield positive results within due course of time.

    Yours etc….
    K L Dhar
    Durga Nagar Enclave, Jammu


    Now when the 7th Pay Commission has submitted its report to the Union Government, it is only a matter of time when Union Government will implement the Pay Panel Report for its employees and pensioners. Obviously, there will be pressure on State Governments from their employees to implement the 7th Pay Panel Recommendations for them. Keeping all this in view, Jammu and Kashmir Government should mobilise resources for implementing 7th Pay Commission recommendations for its pensioners and employees in the right earnest.

    However, State Government is requested to kindly release pending 6 percent DA from July 15 in one go to its pensioners. Government should also enhance the Medical Allowance to its pensioners.

    Yours etc…
    P K Peshin
    State Pensioner
    Roop Nagar Enclave Block A, Jammu

    Source:- Daily Excelsior

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