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    Monday, 9 May 2016


    Status of Cadre Review proposals processed in DoPT from
    1st January, 2011 to 30th April 2016

    A. Approved by Cabinet

    S.No. Name of the Service CRC* Meeting Cabinet Approval
    1. CPWD Central Engineering Service, Central Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Service and Central Architecture Service 27/06/2011 03/01/2012
    2. Military Engineering Services (Indian Defence Service of Engineers, Architect Cadre and Surveyor Cadre) 22/09/2011 and 23/01/2012 18/04/2013
    3. Indian Revenue Service 19/02/2013 and GoM** on
    4. Indian Radio Regulatory Service 19/02/2013 03/07/2013
    5. Central Labour Service 19/02/2013 17/07/2013
    6. Indian Customs & Central Excise 27/08/2013 05/12/2013
    7. Indian Cost Accounts Service 29/10/2013 02/01/2014
    8. Central Power Engineering Service 11/12/2013 13/05/2014
    9. Indian Ordnance Factory Service 19/03/2014 29/10/2014
    10. Indian Civil Accounts Service 17/07/2013 16/01/2015
    11. Border Road Engineering Service 26/02/2015 07/04/2015
    12. Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service 08/01/2015 06/05/2015
    13. Indian Trade Service 06/05/2014 01/07/2015
    14. Indian Statistical Service 24/06/2014 29/07/2015
    15. Indian Skill Development Service 10/04/2015 07/10/2015
    *CRC - Cadre Review Committee ** GoM - Group of Ministers

    B. Pending Proposals

    S. No.
    Name of the Service
    1. With Concerned Ministry – CRC meeting held and Cabinet approval pending (6)
    1. Railway Protection Force CRC meeting held on 29/07/2013. Decision with the approval of MoS (PP) and FM has been communicated to the Ministry of Railways on 09/10/2013 for taking Cabinet approval.
    2. Indian Naval Material Management Service
    The CRC meeting held on 24/10/2013. Comments of DoPT on Cabinet Note have been provided to Ministry of Defence on 21/1/2015 .
    3. Indian P& T Acctt. and Fin. Service CRC meeting was held on 17/09/2015 . Approval of MoS (PP) and FM has been conveyed to Department of Telecom on 17/11/2015 for taking Cabinet approval.
    4. Central Reserve Police Force CRC meeting held on 15/12/2015. Approval of MoS(PP) and FM has been conveyed to Ministry of Home Affairs for taking Cabinet approval
    5. Indian Postal Service CRC Meeting was held on 28/12/2015. Approval of MoS (PP) has been obtained and DoP has been requested to ake approval of the cabinet.
    6. Ministry of Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) CRC Meeting was held on 28/12/2015. Approval of MoS (PP) and FM has been obtained. MSME has to take the approval of Cabinet.
    2. With Cabinet Secretariat (2)
    7. Indian Telecom Service CRC Meeting held on 18/02/2016. As per recommendation of CRC, DoE and DoT have been requested to nominate their representative in the Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Coord.)
    8. Indian Information Service CRC meeting scheduled to be held on 05/05/2016
    3. With Department of Personnel & Training (9)
    9. Central Engineering Service (Roads) CRC Meeting held on 24/04/2016. Minutes of the Meeting are under consideration
    10. Indian Railways Personnel Service General Principle for consideration of Proposal has been sent to DoE vide D.O. letter dated 23/03/2016
    11. Indian Railways Service of Mechanical Engineers -do-
    12. Indian Railways Stores Service -do-
    13. Indian Railways Traffic Service -do-
    14. Indian Railways Service of Signal Engineers -do-
    15. Indian Railways Service of Electrical Engineers -do-
    16. Indian Railways Accounts Service -do-
    17. Indian Railways Service of Engineers Clarifications have been sought. Reply awaited
    4. With Ministry concerned for clarifications (4)
    18. Petroleum Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) Proposal from DIPP to form a new Organised Group A Service has been examined and the observation of DoPT have been sent. Clarification awaited from Ministry of Commerce
    19. Indian P& T Building Works Clarifications are awaited from DoT on the cadre strength.
    20. Indian Defence Accounts Service A meeting was held on 23/3/2016 and MoD has been advised to recast the proposal
    21. Border Security Force A meeting was held on 17/2/2016. MHA to provide revised proposal.

    Source:- www.persmin.nic.in

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