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    Monday, 17 April 2017


    Delegation of Powers to Ministries/ Departments for Payment of Sitting Fees in respect of Non-Officials of Committees/ Panels/ Board etc.

    Government of India
    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure 

    North Block, New Delhi.
    Dated: 12.04.2017 


    Subject: Delegation of powers to Ministries/ Departments for payment of Sitting Fee in respect of Non-officials of Committees/ Panels/ Boards etc. 

    The undersigned is directed to state that the issues related to payment of Sitting Fee to Non—officials of Committees/Panels/Boards etc. have been examined in D/o Expenditure. It has been decided that Administrative Secretaries of the Ministries/ Departments may decide the Sitting Fee in respect of Non-officials of Committees/Panels/Boards etc. in consultation with their Financial Advisors and with the approval of their Ministers. 

    2. While considering the proposals for payment of Sitting Fee to Non-officials, the Ministries/Departments are directed to keep in view the following instructions/guidelines:- 

    2.1. Categorisation of Committees: For the purpose of payment of Sitting Fee, Committees/Boards/panels are categorized into following three categories:-

    (i) High Level Committee : In terms of Cabinet Secretariat Circular No. 1/16/1/2000-Cab. dated 15.04.2002, a High Level Committee is a Committee set up with the approval of Hon'ble Prime Minister through the Cabinet Secretary and presided over by a high ranking dignitary e.g. a Minister. a Judge of the Supreme Court of India, a Vice-Chancellor etc. including prominent persons in public life as Members.

    (ii) Technical or Expert Committee: A Technical or Expert Committee is a Committee constituted to discharge functions as prescribed under Acts/Rules/Subordinate legislation on the subject. Such Committee is to be set up with the approval of the Minister of the concerned Ministry. In case any Member of Parliament is included in the Committee, the prior approval of Prime Minister to their inclusion is to be obtained in terms of Cabinet Secretariat Circular No.1/16/1/2000-Cab. dated 15.04.2002.

    (iii) Other Committees: All other Committees will be covered under this category. These Committees will be constituted with the approval of the Administrative Secretary or Minister. 

    2.2 Definition of a Non-official : For the purpose of grant of Sitting Fee only such persons are to be considered as Non-officials who are not employed in any institution/ organisation/body funded by the Central Government. 

    3. Rates of Sitting Fee: On the basis of categorisation of Committees viz. High Level Committee, Technical or Expert Committee and Other Committees, The Ministries/Departments shall ensure that the maximum rates of Sitting Fee to be paid to Non-official Chairman/ Members will not be more than the following:- 

    (i) High Level Committee : Not more than Rs.10,000/- per day of Sitting.

    (ii) Technical or Expert Committee : Not more than Rs.6000/- per day of Sitting.

    (iii) Other Committees : Not more than Rs.4000/- per day of Sitting. 

    4. For arriving at the rates of the Sitting Fee to Non-official Chairman and Members of the Committees/Boards/Panels; the Ministries/Department shall observe the following conditions: 

    i. While considering the amount of Sitting Fee, the Ministries/Departments have to keep in view facts such as nature and scope of the Committee, importance of the subject assigned to the Committee, category of the Committee (i.e. High level Committee, Technical or Expert Committee or other Committee), level/ status of Chairperson/ Members, duration of the Committee, frequency of meetings, Terms of Reference of the Committee etc. 

    ii. In no case, the ceiling should exceed 10 meetings in a month in respect of all categories of Committees viz. High Level, Technical or Expert Committees and Other Committee. It is presumed that such committees are constituted for a limited duration specified in the order. 

    ii. It is clarified that the Govt. employees nominated to such Committees/ Boards/ Panels etc. will not be entitled to Sitting Fee. 

    iv. Cases seeking deviation from the above norms may be referred to M/o Finance giving full justification for seeking deviation. 

    3. These instructions will be effective from the date of issue of this O.M. 

    4. This is issued with the approval of Finance Minister.
    (Nirmala Dev)
    Deputy Secretary to the Government of India
    Telefax. 23093276 


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