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    Saturday, 5 August 2017


    Latest Updates on GDS Pay Committee Report

    GDS Pay Committee Report : Latest News
    Date : 2.8.2017


    GDS Pay Committee Report : Latest News

    With reliable information sourced from the Senior officer of Finance Ministry that the following Proposals agreed by the Department and sent to Finance Ministry and also probably accepted by the FM by the end of August 2017.

    1. Fitment factor will be 2.57 like Departmental employees 

    2. Increment will be 3%

    3. Implemented i.e. 1.1.2016 and arrears will be paid from that.

    4. DA formula will be old one.

    5. Minimum BPM scale is Rs.12000 i.e. Level 1 and Level 2 is Rs. 14500

    6. For ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 1 is Rs.10000 and for Level 2 is Rs. 12000/-

    7. Level 2 old scales are 3635-65-5585 , 4220-75-6470 for ABPM

    8. Level 1 of ABPMs old scales are 2295-45-3695, 2870-50-4370, 2665-50-4165 and 3330-60-5130

    9. Level 2 for BPMs old scales are 4115-75-6365, and 4575-85-7125

    10.Level 1 for BPMs olds scales are 3635-65-5585 and 4220-75-6470

    11.Ex-gratia bonus will be paid on par with Departmental employees and issued orders every year. 

    12.Children Education Facilitation Allowance Rs.6000/- per year per child.

    13.CMA will be to the tune of Rs.180/-

    14.Boat allowance will be Rs.125/-

    15.BPM office Rent Rs.500/- for standard and Rs.200/- for non standard.

    16.Office maintains allowance for Level 1 BPM will be Rs500/- and other Rs.200/-

    17.Stationary charges Rs.25/- p.m

    18.Combined duty allowance rs45/- per day and max Rs.1170/- per month will be paid to BPM for delivery or Mail conveyance and Rs.2340/- For BPM for delivery and conveyance per day min 75 - Rs.1950/- to ABPM for additional work of another ABPM/Dak sevak per day min 45- (Note: These rates will be for combination of duties of two or more posts borne on the establishment of the office)

    19.Risk and Hardship Allowance R.100/- p.m

    20.Cash conveyance allowance Rs.50/- plus actual conveyance charges i.e. bus and auto

    21.The Department should not order closing of any GDS Post Office

    22.Two cadres will remain one is BPM and second one Asst. BPM/Dak Sevaks

    23.Two scales for each cadre Level one and Level two. 4 hrs and 5 hrs. And there will be reduction from level 2 to Level 1.

    24.Point system will be abolished and delinking payment of wages from the work load.

    25.Other source of livelihood will continue as maximum working hours are retained as 5 hours only.

    26.Voluntary retirement scheme accepted with condition of minimum service 10 years

    27.Voluntary retirement on Medical grounds accepted.

    28.Accepted the proposal pay committee for division into A,B,C and D categories.

    29.New BO will be opened with a distance of SKms

    30.Post of office building infrastructure proposal as it is accepted.

    31.Administrative and vigilance reasons transfers will be given

    32.Transfer will be given one time for Male and two times for female and pay will not be reduced on transfer. However number of increments and financial up gradation will be retained in the changed wage level. Transfer will be given by PMG within regional level.

    33.Recruitment for GDS will be through online system

    34.FG bond system will remain same.

    35.Promotion to MTS Cadre: One year minimum service sufficient and 50% quota will be for GDS in direct recruitment and max. age limit for selection cum seniority quota abolished.

    36.Postman and Mail Guard: Direct recruitment quota increased to 75% and minimum qualifying service is one year only.

    37.POSTAL ASST./Sorting Asst: Minimum qualifying service is 3 years only and maximum age limit raised to 35 years.

    38.Leave: Emergency leave 5 days in a calander year. Paid leave will be Maximum of 180 days accumulation also agreed and will be enchased while discharge or quitting the GDS service on promotion. Regarding LWA there is no change in old conditions.

    39.Women GDS should be given 26 weeks of maternity leave with FULL SALARY from salaries head instead Welfare fund. Paternity leave will not be granted.

    40.AII the additional disciplinary Rules proposed by the committee accepted. 41.Ex-gratia payment for suspension period 25% will remain same.

    42.Social Security Schemes:

    A) Severance amount enhanced to @4000/- from 1.1.2016 subject to Max. of Rs.150000/-

    B) SDBS subscription from GDS is Rs.300/- and department will credit Rs.300/- it will be manned like NPS system for Dept. employees.

    C) GDS Gratuity will be Paid Rs.150000/- Minimum service 10 years it will also allowed to voluntary discharges GDS.

    43.GDS GIS scheme will remain no change at present.

    44.WELFARE..Circle welfare Fund subscription will be Rs.100/- and Department grant will be Rs.200/-per annum. CWF extended to family members and dependents

    45.Assistance or grants from CWF will be raised to 10%

    46.Rs.10000/- will paid for purchase of tablet/Mobile phone

    47.ESI, Group Health Insurance Propoingof OIC and EPF will be considered later. 




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