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    Thursday, 18 January 2018


    GDS Pay Committee Recommendations- Sought under RTI- Confederation



    Dear Comrades,

    The vital information sought under RTI regarding the recommendations of Shri Kamalesh Chandra Committee is reproduced here under for favour of information.

    General Secretary
    No. 7/2/2018-E-III-A/RTI (V-II) (R-916)
    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure
    E-III (A) Branch 

    North Block, New Delhi
    Dated 08/1/2018


    Sh. Guinness Madasamy
    Abitta Cottage, Peermade,
    Idukki, Kerala: 685531


    Please refer to your RTI application dated: 18/11/2017. In this regard, a copy of DOE's ID Note No. 7/31/2006-E.III(A) dated 12.12.2017 is enclosed.

    2. The Appellate Authority is Shri Amarnath Singh, Director (E.III-A) Department of Expenditure, Room No.74-C, North Block, New Delhi, and email ID is amar.sinoh60@nic.in and Tel Ph Noels 23093811. Appeal, if any, may be preferred within 30 days from the receipt of this letter. 

    Yours faithfully

    (Ashok Kumar)
    Under Secretary to the Government of India & CPIO
    Email: akumar.doe@nic.in
    Ph No.23095650 

    Copy to :
    (I) US (RTI) Cell, D/o Expenditure, North Block, New Delhi.

    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure

    Department of Posts may please refer to their notes on pages 121-128/n of their file (No. 17-31/2016-GDS) and their Letter No. 5-1/2017-PAP dated 10.11.2017 regarding revision of wages, allowances, etc. in respect of GDS based on the recommendations of the One Man Kamlesh Chandra Committee). 

    2. The proposals of Department of Posts contained in their notes on pages 107-117/n of their above mentioned LF have been considered in the light of the clarifications given by them as mentioned above.

    3. This Ministry agrees to the proposal as under:-

    (i) The revised TRCA Levels for GDS, as proposed by Department of Posts in paras 5.1 & 5.2 of their note on page 107-117/n of their LF are agreed to from 1.1.2016. This will be subject to the condition that wherever the revised TRCA Level is linked to higher working hour than the existing working hour slab, the revised TRCA Level would be given prospective effect from the date working hours are revised and during the period from 1.1.2016, proportionate payment would be made, as proposed by Department of Posts. The nomenclature may continue to be TRCA, as mentioned by Department of Posts on page 124/n of their file. 

    (ii) The fitment factor of 2.57 is agreed to.

    (iii) The rate of annual increment of 3% is agreed to.

    (iv) The proposed rates of allowances of Composite Allowance, Cycle Maintenance Allowance, Stationery Charges for those other than 8PM, Combined Duty Allowance and Risk and Hardship Allowance are agreed to. 

    (v) The Boat Allowance may be revised @ Rs. 115 p.m. as against the proposed rote of Rs. 125 p.m.

    (vi) The proposed rate of Children Education Facilitation Allowance may be decided by Department of Posts in consultation with DOT, the Nodal Department. If DoPT agrees, this Department has no objection.

    (vii) As regards Welfare Benefits (Chapter 18), Department of Posts is advised to remove the para on welfare benefits from the proposal and take decision independent of the proposal for pay and allowances. 

    (viii) Except revised TRCA, all other issues would be given prospective effect, as mentioned by Department of Posts.

    4. This has the approval of the Finance Minister.

    5. Department of Posts may like to seek approval of the Cabinet as on the last occasion.

    (Amar Nath Singh)

    Department of Posts (Secretary) 
    M/o Finance, D/o Expenditure, ID No. 7/31/2006-E-IIIA dated 12.12.2017

    Source:- Confederation hq

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